Why is it that we Christians are so slow and shy to get our messages out, or to be correct; how can we claim to be followers of Christ Jesus and be ashamed of the Gospel? 

Even Red Cross and Humanist Association are “better” to get their messages out. Even political parties and the lobbyist of the homosexuals are “better” than us. 

Even sects like Jehovah Witness and the Roman Catholic Institution are “better” than us. We are last “in class”. We rather go in marches against this or that like the carnal secular world and are more into pagan stuff than anyone generation before us and even the RCI have more “piety” than us. 

It is no end to our riches and no end to the water down, sugar-coated false gospels. No end to just turn on our hypocritical camouflage suit and become like any other chameleon or ostrich that put their heads in the sand as soon as there is any danger. We hide rather than to be exposed as one to go against the norms of this world. 

Why, we have to ask why? Why is it impossible for us the stand for Jesus? It can be, and it will be, and always going to be one answer. We are not followers, not even lukewarm sympathisers. We have become like the son in the pig-pen before he turns in the direction of the mansion where the Father is waiting. Some will die in that pit. How sad.