Here is how I see most congregations and preachers today. Drawing the conclusion from years in a Pentecostal church in Oslo, Norway, through close cooperation with pastors and elders (I ministered to the poor and drug addicts /alcoholics and confronting unclean spirits in Oslo) and also get to know them (pastors and elders) through festivals, other congregations, books, TV, YouTube, Face book and other social media;

There is absolutely no will to stop compromising the Word. The numbers and cash are more important than a True doctrine. There are no apostles, prophets or evangelists left so they have no opposition what so ever. No one to relate to either since it is more or less a big “family” who have a kind of “masonry” (satanic) agreement not to let anybody disturb the “peace”. And no one GO OUT as told. No one is actually telling their neighbour about Jesus. None witness at all. They just advertise in the newspapers that they have meetings eleven o’clock Sunday morning. They call it “church”.

They have build up the institution they call “church” on a basis on carnal, secular, democratic principals and the selected elder through a secret voting (after a lot of lobbying) and are controlling everybody from pastor to worship leaders and Sundays school teachers.

The “churches” where the pastor is in control in stead of elders there are just a little bit different, but the result is the same, sectarian control. In fact that is probably why most of them like to cooperate and talk well about the Roman Catholic Institution. They are daughters of the Harlot.

Teachings about obedience, holiness, repentance are totally missing and in stead you have a prosperity gospel with a hyper-grace touch which is so watered down and sugar coated that for most of the old preacher it would have been absolutely impossible to recognise anything as the Word of God.

It is a Christianity which cost nothing and is worth nothing. If this would have been the teaching of Jesus he would never be arrested and never sentenced to die. No apostles would never be persecuted and none believers would have become martyrs.

It is filled up with all kind of strange doctrines of men and traditions and inheritance from and old carnal pagan culture. It includes everything from gold dust and angel feather to crawling around and barking like dogs. Everything goes and if someone try to ask questions the “don’t judge” is shouted so loud that the walls of Sodom and Gomorrah include Nineveh might have fallen down from the sound.

I don’t want to go any further and tell about the cars, the mansions, the private jets, the second home by the sea, the yearly salary, the vacations, the divorces and re-marriages and cooperation’s with one another and with the Harlot herself.

One thing is for sure, Jesus is coming very, very soon indeed. And these have to repent very, very soon.