JESUS is the one through whom God speaks.

JESUS (and we together with Him if we believe as the Scripture say) will inherit the Kingdom and all things.

JESUS was there when God created the universe.

JESUS radiates God’s Glory

JESUS expresses the character and image of God

JESUS sustains all things by the mighty power of His command

JESUS cleans us from sin

JESUS is seated at the right hand of God

JESUS is born of God the Father

JESUS was brought into this world by God

JESUS is called God by the Father

JESUS’ Throne endures forever

JESUS rules with a sceptre of justice

JESUS loves justice and hates evil

JESUS is anointed by the Father

JESUS laid the foundations of the world at the beginning of time.

JESUS made the heavens with His hands

JESUS will remain forever

JESUS will fold up and discard the heaven and the earth

These are just a few things the Bible says about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

There can be no doubt about what the Scriptures say about Jesus. All this and more is repeated in the rest of the Scriptures.