The skull of John the Baptist

1.   The Pope said to be the Vicar of Christ
2.   The Pope said to have infallibility
3.   The tradition and the Scripture is the Truth
4.   The teaching has to be in line with the “Forefathers”
5.   They call the Pope Holy Father
6.   Faith is not enough to be saved
7.   Layman shall not have Bibles
8.   The truth and teaching comes from the priest not from reading the Bible
9.   Do not read the Bible it will make you insane
10. You have to believe in Mary to be saved
11. There is no salvation outside the RCC
12. You have to obey your superior no matter what
13. Original sin
14. You have to be good

Mary & Idolatry:
15. Mary is without sin
16. Mary is born sin free
17. Mary saves
18. Mary ascended to Heaven
19. Prayer to Mary
20. Worship of Mary
21. Prayer to saints
22. Prayers to dead
23. Prayer to “holy cross”
24. Worship of the Pope
25. Crucifix
26. Baby jesus
27. Black Nazarene
28. Worship of the cross, images and relics
29. Holy Water
30. Mary is “the Mother” of God

Other false claims:
31. The Ten commandments (some times leave out graven images)
32. Infant baptism
33. Wake
34. Purgatory
35. Indulgences
36. Mass card
37. Confession
38. Rosary
39. Peter is the Rock
40. All Saints Day
41. When dead the spirit don’t leave the body before (x) days
42. Can not leave the church, only be excommunicated
43. Priest can’t marry
44. The seven sacraments
45. The sign of the Cross
46. Wax Candles and their healing power

47. The Eucharist
48. The transubstantiation (The vine turns into blood. The biscuit (wafer) turn into Jesus)
49. Adoration of the wafer
50. Worship of wafer

And there is more. CCC has over 2700 rules how to be a good RCI.