The decision cards filled in during an outreach, how much “value” has they?


Hundred counsellors and pastors and other helpers are of course involved and there is seminars for all of them up front and it is all very well planed.

It is “big names” as Reinhard Bonnke and others (names don’t matters her at all, it is beside the point, God bless Reinhard Bonnke) who started this hugs “crusades” as they call it. I have red biographies and it all starts very much in the Spirit if you ask me. But then as usual, I have to say, very sadly, we have come to this concept of copying and now it is what everybody does.

In a video I heard Paul Washer (who go strongly against a “sinners prayer” in his book “Ten indictments against the modern church”) made a quote from Billy Graham who is the frontrunner to all this mainly together with Billy Sunday, that if 5 % who come for an alter call (decision card that will be in this huge meetings) would be saved it will be a very satisfying number.

Knowing this and knowing also that the gospel preach some times can be kind of “sugar candied” or “gospel lite” if you want and that those who sign are told that they are saved and will go to Heaven when they die, I wonder how serious can we be about this.

I mean let say 5 % make it to heaven of 100 millions. That is very good. But what about the 95 %, the 95 million who think they go to Heaven, by praying a “salvation prayer”, sign a card and just continue to live like before. What about them? Are not these evangelists responsible for the outcome of that? Will there be no question about that in front of the Judgement Seat of Jesus Christ?

That is why I have a problem with this. All of these evangelists know we are called to make disciples. All of them know it is a commandment of Jesus to baptise them in water. All them know that it is further more a commandment to teach them EVERYTHING. Yes they say that is done by the local church. I can believe that to a certain point. But still my heart is not at peace. Where is the so calls safety check? Is there any follow up of this local churches and pastors?

I’m not sure. That’s why I have no peace. I wish I had peace for that this is OK. But if I should say how sure I am that this is wrong I will say 99 % sure. Some do this in good faith and may be they will go clear on Judgement Day, may be, but other has agendas like numbers and their own status. I will not be in their sandals on that Day.