It is of course a lot of false doctrines here at FB (and elsewhere), but it is extremely sad when it comes from those who act like and suppose to be pillars in the faith. Even more sad when some of them who call themselves apostles and evangelist and even more we have to be careful because it looks like they have some fruits in their earlier life. It reminds of a prophesy from 1967 about a lot of believers will first start to preach the right stuff and then starts to sneak in the bad stuff. I hope and pray it is not the case in these matters. I hope it is more like a big misunderstanding!

The doctrines I will warn about this time are explained like this:

  1. When we are born again we can not sin any more.
  2. A lot of the teaching of Jesus is only for the Jews.
  3. No need of give or ask forgiveness after being born again.

Yes, pretty bad.

I will not go into Scriptures to much when it comes to where they refer to back up such teaching, but obviously the first on is from 1. letter from John. The second is that many refer to the “beatitudes” and claim that is to the Jews, ONLY – (it was the truth before Jesus died on the cross), and thirdly the last is obviously a result of the first false claim.

There is also a kind of confused teaching if the souls are born again or only the spirit. Obviously it is not the body …. I will not go into that here only make the true claim that the body with its faults and desires are for sure not born again. Again a lot of this it falls on its own improbability.

But there is a story I like to mention from the NT about born again can not sin:

Galatians 2:11-14New Living Translation (NLT) Paul Confronts Peter
11 But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was very wrong. 12 When he first arrived, he ate with the Gentile believers, who were not circumcised. But afterward, when some friends of James came, Peter wouldn’t eat with the Gentiles anymore. He was afraid of criticism from these people who insisted on the necessity of circumcision. 13 As a result, other Jewish believers followed Peter’s hypocrisy, and even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocrisy.

14 When I saw that they were not following the truth of the gospel message, I said to Peter in front of all the others, “Since you, a Jew by birth, have discarded the Jewish laws and are living like a Gentile, why are you now trying to make these Gentiles follow the Jewish traditions?

So to say that hypocrisy is not sin or to say that Peter the author of two letters in the NT is not born again will be pretty foolish. To claim that this happened before Jesus died on the cross or to say that Peter didn’t have to repent and because of that ask forgiveness for sin is even more foolish.

As I say; no more verses needed, it falls on its own improbability

To teach that born again people, and who is born again, only Jesus know, is free from this three mention obligations, repent from sin, ask forgiveness and submit to the whole Bible is ridiculous and of extremely dangerous. I don’t care if they claim we are new beings and even can prove they are sin free according to the Scripture (it will be foolish to try to do so). To teach this to one who just came to believe: “You are now born again and you can not sin any more. Therefore you have no need of repentance and forgiveness any more and likewise the “beatitudes” are not for you!”

Let’s say you are free from this, will not the Scripture Himself tell you that to brag like this is sinful! I mean if it is true you can’t brag about it! We are after all nothing in our self.

How can such a doctrine makers survive in front of the Judgement Seat of Christ? He will probably be among those who bang on the door claiming to believe and claim they have the right to be let in. LORD LORD we did miracles in your name …

On top of these things they make sin to sin showing the whole world their haughtiness. They are of course in for a big fall if they don’t repent.

I will end this story with something that we all need to put on our mind and into our hearths:

1 John 3:9-10New Living Translation (NLT)
9 Those who have been born into God’s family do not make a practice of sinning, because God’s life[a] is in them. So they can’t keep on sinning, because they are children of God. 10 So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteously and does not love other believers[b] does not belong to God.

1 John 5:18New Living Translation (NLT)
18 We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them.

It is about time that the church gets their eyes open for the following truth; we can stumble (failure), we can fall (into sin) and we can practise sin (live in it – like “live in” outside marriage, something that’s going on constantly).

Born again will never make a practice of sin. They will never sin with obvious purpose against better knowledge. And if they do they repent when they told (Ref David and Nathan) As long as I have walk with the Lord no one in any congregation or pastor, elder and leader seems to understand this; The different about stumbling and even falling to the practice of living in sin. May be I have been around wrong people and wrong churches? What do you think?

ON top of that they have a problem with this:

1 Timothy 5:24New Living Translation (NLT)
24 Remember, the sins of some people are obvious, leading them to certain judgment. But there are others whose sins will not be revealed until later.

We will not mention a lot of these sins which of course is not easy to be seen like drunkenness and fornication and divorce. But we will mention one, that is enough, because it is the root of all, even the root to the root of all evil, to love money; the HAUGHTINESS.