How The “Once Saved Always Saved” Hyper Grace Message Killed My Son.
29. april 2015 kl. 07:43
“They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 6:14)


Hello, My name is Rev. Alan A. Auclair and this is the story of how “Once Saved Always Saved” (also called OSAS) lead to the direct demise of my son, Joshua Auclair who at just 20 years of age lost his addiction battle with drugs. Josh was no angel, but he could have been a saint if it was not for the teachings of OSAS.

At birth I gave my son the name Joshua Isaac. My prayer for him was that he would grow up with a soft heart for God and obey Him. Sadly. his mother and divorced against my will when he was just one year old. As an absent father I kept in touch with him as much as I could. I bought him his first Bible when he was eight years old.

When he called on the phone my favorite thing to tell him was that he needed to “Be a man of God with integrity: I explained to him that integrity meant doing the right thing even when nobody was looking because God sure was.” This advice touched him greatly. He often would repeat these words to others though out his brief life.

When Josh visited me he gave his heart to The Lord. He was just 15. I baptized him in a friends pool. I taught Josh about holiness and to always be open to listen God and obey his commands. By doing so he would avoid danger and pitfalls live a long life. Josh agreed he was destined to live for God. He had such s a soft tender place for Him.

When he returned back to Kansas, Josh started going to the local methodist Church. Sadly, one of the ember of the congregation befriended Josh and introduced him to “Once saved always saved” theology . He was told nothing he did would matter to God, he was always saved by grace. Later,Josh and I talked and Josh rebuked me for telling him to live holy. I was shocked. I told him sin would destroy any salvation he had left. Sadly it did. Encouraged by his friends and mother (my ex) at the age of 13, Josh gave into the drug culture.

At 17 years of age, unbeknownst to me, (I was living overseas as a missionary at that time) Josh became a full blow meth addict and was living on the streets. Josh reached out for help from the Christian community and ran into a man I will call John. John gave josh a place to stay, food to eat and cloths for his body. John was also a OSAS believer and hyper grace teacher. If John had wanted, he could have lead backslidden Josh to repentance, but his wicked doctrine was more import than a lost soul. To curb Josh’s drug addiction John gave him marijuana and even smoked it with him.

John and Josh would stay up late and listen to the band “As I lay Dying” the hardest “Christian Rock” you could find and get totally stoned. He would tell Josh “Hey, God is not mad at you. even if you gave up your addiction it would not please God. We are saved by grace” Josh found this message very liberating.

Later Josh shared this message with his mom it and she also became a OSAS hyper grace believer. Together mother and son started taking drugs with new “freedom” and into full addiction. “We are saved by grace” she would say stoned out of her mind to her druggie friends. Josh would say “amen”.

On August 30, 2011 Josh’s mom decided to have a belated birthday party for Josh since he had just turned 20 years old on July 12th and she was not in town. They had all the best drugs weed, meth, oxycodone, oxymorphine (Opana). Josh tried them all. later that night Josh lost consciousness and went into respiratory arrest. Since his mother owned prescription of oxyporphine she knew he was dying. She sought to save herself from arrest. No ambulance was called for Josh. He passed away just after 3 AM, August 31 2011.

Some OSAS believers say my son is in heaven. Some say he was never saved. To those OSAS hyper grace believers who want to say it was all Josh’s fault and he was not saved. My question to you then is WHO TOLD HIM HE WAS?? Who told him obedience was not required for salvation? Who told him God was not mad at him. Who caused him to justify his drug use in his mind and to dive into it without any fear of death?? I will tell you who …. YOUR WICKED DOCTRINE! God said TURN AND LIVE and you say “LIVE IT UP”, God is not mad. You are Once Saved Always Saved. Now Josh is dead and I will never be able to hold my dear son again.

Finally, I know many of you are are sympathetic to the OSAS hyper grace message, let me tell you that the truth of OSAS lies at the bottom of my son’s grave. Sin KILLS. SIN does not just effect YOU. It effects everyone around you also. SIN is the enemy of God and those who promote sin under the guise of grace will be accountable. My sons blood demands it!

Anointed to preach,

Rev. Alan A. Auclair